Saturday, July 9, 2011

Awaking From The Dream

   Once I finally figured out that my dreams contained messages for me I realized that I knew virtually nothing about dream analysis or symbols. What does a snake mean? How about walking down a country lane in the moon light on a clear summer night? I wanted to know more, to see if I really was on the right track concerning the messages in my dreams. I started doing a lot of reading and buying books and finally ended up with two or three books that I refer to quite regularly. 
   In the morning or during the day after having a dream, I would sit and write out all I could remember about it. Often times, I did not start out remembering a lot, perhaps just that I had a dream about a house on fire. As I wrote this down and thought about it I would ask myself questions such as "Where was I, nside the house or out? How did I feel? What was I doing/wearing? Was anyone with me? What time or day was it, morning or night?" The more questions I asked, the more vivid the dream became and I was able to remember much more. 
  When I had the time and privacy I would then go through my dream looking at all the things that stood out in my mind. I would then try to figure out what these things meant, what did they symbolize? What does a house stand for? What does fire mean? By going through these steps, I was able to not only understand the messages my inner self was sending but was also able to understand the who and what that makes me who I am. It has been said that each person in your dreams is actually a reflection of yourself. If there is a hostile, angry person in your dreams, it could be reflecting a side of your personality that you need to come to terms with. It has been, and continues to be a very enlightening spiritual journey of immense personal growth. 
  Here is another dream that I had just recently. I invite you to dissect it and see what you can discover from it. My analysis will follow in my next blog. Good luck and happy dreams!

  Had a dream last night that Mike Holmes came into our house (which was sort of this house and sort of not) and, after looking at a few of the problems in the front room, decided to help us renovate. (The funny thing was that the problem in the front room as mainly a bad wallpapering job). Mike decided that he needed to move the stairs going to the second floor back to where they originally were. The house in my dream was now a two story home facing a street kind of like where my grandparents lived in a tiny community in Saskatchewan. Mike lived fairly close, just a few fields away with his wife. The house had stairs going up at the far end but the second floor was apparently only half open. The front half, closest to the street had been boarded over but we didn't know this. When Mike opened up part of a wall, we were shocked to see first a work shop and then a big room beyond. The work shop was straight from the 1930's when the house was built and still had quite a bit of cool stuff in there. I remember, on the left hand side of the room there was a shelf of old lanterns and light bulbs. There were lanterns of every size and description and the light bulbs were huge compared to today's as well as completely round. They were about the size of a baseball and had no metal neck on them. They all came with attached wires. There was also a mint condition old gas can up there. On the right, there was another shelf that contained a variety of old tools like chisels, planes and hand saws. This work shop area was first and then, through a doorway (with no door) I could see beyond to a large room that I automatically knew was a bedroom/sitting room overlooking the street. There were windows in the room so that, looking from the workshop, I was looking into a bright, open room. (The workshop had no windows like it was actually built in a hallway.). In the dream, I go outside and look up and I can see the windows to the room with plants growing on the sill).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The History of My Dream Analysis

   I have had message dreams for many years. Unfortunately I have only listened to them for about the past dozen years! I don't think I realized that the dreams were actually my spirit sending me messages that my mind was too cluttered to hear during the day.
   Although there have been many defining dreams over the years, one of the first dreams that led to my current life was my "buffalo" dream. It was a very short dream and occurred shortly after I had gone to bed. I had just dozed off and was dreaming that I was standing in the doorway of my kitchen to let the dog out. As I opened the door I saw an amazing sight. In my (not very big) back yard was a buffalo grazing! I was so shocked, delighted and panicked that I woke myself up. I was shocked to see the buffalo where it obviously didn't belong but was delighted to see it there. I was also panicked that my dog would dash out and scare the buffalo away. 
   The next day at work, I mentioned my dream to another lady who was supposed to be very good at analyzing dreams and who also knew what was going on in my life at that time. The explanation she came back with was that the buffalo represented an intruder in my life and a possible danger to me. This explanation just did not make sense to me since I did not feel threatened in the dream at all and I had no fear of the buffalo. I have since learned that, although it's good to get other perspectives, the best person to analyse your dreams is yourself.  
   When I sat down and thought about all the different components of the dream, I started to see the message. First, standing in the open doorway I saw as "sitting on the fence". I could take a simple step forward through the doorway and greet my destiny or I could step back, close the door and continue my life as it was. Because there was no sense of fear or urgency in the dream, I realized that, if I moved forward there would be great promise but, if I closed the door my current life would continue unharmed. Second was the buffalo and what it meant to me. I see the buffalo as symbol of abundance. In the olden days, natives used all parts of the buffalo for their survival. The pelt of the animal provided clothing and shelter while the meat offered nutrition and even the bones where used for tools. Thus, the buffalo met all the natives' basic needs and thus meant abundance to the me. My dog, always my faithful companion, did not charge forward but remained by my side awaiting my decision. In other words, whatever decision I made, my family would stick with me.
   When I put it all together I got the message that a new life of abundance awaited me if I chose to move forward. At this time in my life, my family was contemplating a move to another province since we were only financially surviving in the big city where we lived. The constant financial strain of living hand to mouth was hard on us all and we were looking for a much simpler, less stressful way of life. To me, this dream told me that moving would be a good decision and could meet all our needs if I was brave enough to take that step forward.
   To make a long story short, we did make the move to a small town in another province and have never looked back. Life is much less stressful, money is more abundant even if we aren't rich, and we now are relaxed enough to enjoy the time we spend with each other. For the first time in our marriage, we were able to go on a Caribbean vacation which was something we could never have afforded if we stayed in the city. 
   This dream led to both a new life in a new province but also a new spiritual journey for me. I started being much more diligent in writing down my dreams and analyzing them. This process has lead to some enlightenment and  some confusion but mostly to a greater awareness of my inner self. 
  Happy dreaming and listen to your messages!